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of course also interesting in sports lessons!

Quickly and easily create motivating workouts for your students and keep track of their progress from home.
Students can do your workouts without registration anywhere and without equipment and enter their results there. Simply enter the results in the smartphone browser at (without an extra app).

An interesting contribution to this (in german):

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  • 1. find WOW

    In the SportZens app, you can find the workouts of the week in the class view (homescreen) for each class by clicking on the "dumbbell" icon.
    WOW App Icon
  • 2. Create and upload WOW

    You can easily create a workout with several exercises. There are suggestions for this, but of course you can also be creative yourself.

    In this process you will automatically receive an eight-digit WOW-ID for each student.

    With several sentences and an adapted number of repetitions, your students will certainly work up a sweat!

    Possible workout types:
    - "For-time": You specify the number of rounds and repetitions of all exercises. Your students are shown a timer and try to complete all exercises in the shortest possible time.
    - "AMRAP" (as many reps as possible): You specify the exercises and the workout duration. Your students will then try to do as many repetitions as possible in the given time within your workout.
    - "Tabata": A classic tabata workout. Each exercise consists of 8 phases, each with 20 seconds load and 10 seconds relief.
    - "EMOM" (every minute on the minute): You specify the exercises and the number of repetitions. The students then have one minute per exercise to do the repetitions. A fast execution provides for more breaks, a slower one for a shorter break. At the beginning of the next minute, the next exercise continues until the number of repetitions cannot be performed within the one minute.
    - "Cooper-Test-Preparation": You specify the training content in the form of routes or times. Afterwards the students have the possibility to deposit their HRV and their state of health.
    create WOW in App
  • 3. Students do WOW at home

    You give your students their personal WOW-ID (eight digits) with which they can log in via any browser at

    IMPORTANT: No Student data is stored on the Internet to allow conclusions to be drawn about the individual Student. The assignment of the WOW-ID to a student is only done locally in your SportZens app on your tablet.

    This is how it could look like with your students:
    Workout in SportZens WOW App
  • 4. Retrieve WOW data

    You can now retrieve the data and see who was diligent and how much time the training took or how quickly the exercises were completed.
    WOW Class view

Student? Then this way:

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No student data is stored on the Internet. Each student receives an eight-digit ID under which he or she can complete the workout of the week at The assignment of this identifier takes place exclusively within the encrypted SportZens App.
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