Do I need a tablet?

Not mandatory.
The app also runs on a smartphone, but the smaller display size makes it difficult to use it properly. You will not regret the purchase of a tablet in any case!

Are the student data secure?

Yes. No data will be uploaded to the internnt (unless you want to use the WOW, more about that here), but everything stays local on the tablet. The data is securely stored using AES 256 encryption. You only have to take care of a secure password.

I cannot import tables/csv files

1. save the corresponding file as "CSV(delimiter-separated)".
2. if an error like e.g. "Unknown URI: content://downloads/public_downloads/1452"
or >br> {"code":1, "message": "NOT_FOUND_ERR"}
then try to import the file from a cloud storage like Google Drive. If that doesn't work either, please copy the file to the following folder:"Internal Storage/Android/data/com.bastifix.sportzens"


If you want to support SportZens, either make your stuff available (via email if you like), so that others can use it, or donate me a beer (SportZens took a lot of hours and beers) ;-)
>>br> Paypal

iOS or Android?

As you like! br> Take your existing tablet, download SportZens from the appropriate store and you're ready to go! You can restore all backups to any device.

Is there anything else I need to consider?

Just get started ;-)
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