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Physical education digitally relieved via app: Forget your paperwork, SportZens helps you

Your entire sports lessons with all grades, absences, teams, evaluation lists, tournaments, scoreboards, ... now convenient, digital and profitable in one app.
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SportZens - The only app you need for physical education

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Physical education: Organization simply via app

Your physical education: completely digitally managed

Physical education differs significantly from classical classroom instruction simply because of the location. As a result, different concepts and approaches are needed in the gym, especially with regard to digitalization. Using a classroom app in the gym is laborious and often doomed to failure. The requirements in the sports hall and on the sports field are too specific. Not least, the very diverse evaluation situations require a high degree of flexibility from all those involved - and an app. In SportZens you can manage all your classes digitally in one app. Students and grades are encrypted and well protected. The simple navigation makes it easy to find your way around and get rid of all the paperwork. In addition, there are numerous functions to support your everyday life as a sports teacher as much as possible. Let us help you digitally!

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